Bennett Flash 90

Yamina Chairman MK Naftali Bennett today held a toast to party activists where he spoke about his party ambitions.

"Yamina will not be a sectarian party, there will be people within Yamina who will take care of the sector, but the party will be all-Israeli," Bennett said in a quote reported by journalist Yehuda Schlesinger in Israel Hayom.

Yesterday, Jewish Home Party Chairman Rabbi Rafi Peretz called in a Kan News interview to unite forces among the religious Zionist parties.

Asked if there was no chance of reconnection with the Yamina party he replied, "I don't think so. I didn't part with them because we divorced, I parted because I strongly believed that our job in time of crisis is to help the leadership do what it can to win this war.

"Yamina has chosen differently and it's okay, we agreed there would be such a thing. We speak in a good spirit, we continue the relationship. I think the most important thing is that religious Zionism in all its forms, from liberals to National-Haredi, that all find the common denominator and our hand is outstretched to this unity," said Peretz.