Gabi Barabash
Gabi BarabashKobi Gideon / Flash90

Former Health Ministry Director-General Professor Gabi Barabash on Monday slammed the Health Ministry and Director-General Professor Hezy Levy for saying that the lockdown may end when Israel has "just" 1,000 new coronavirus cases per day.

"I don't believe the Health Ministry's policies or people," he said.

"To speak about 1,000 carriers a day, like the Ministry's Director-General said, that's a scandal. It's throwing billions of shekels in the garbage. We need to reach dozens, up to 200, new cases a day."

Earlier on Monday, Levy had told Kan Reshet Bet that, "In order to leave the lockdown in another three weeks, we need to see a drop in infections. We would like to reach 500 infections per day, but it's clear to us that at a time like this, that's not going to happen."

"I believe that if we see a drop to 1,000 new cases [each day] and proper behavior and a downward trend in infections, and at the same time we see a stabilization in the hospital wards, that will be a positive sign that we can weigh leaving lockdown. We will put together the criteria in the coming days.".