Avi Dichter in Mitzpe Yericho
Avi Dichter in Mitzpe Yericho No credit

MK Avi Dichter (Likud) on Tuesday toured the community of Mitzpe Yericho and said that the Civil Administration should be abolished and another body established to replace it.

The tour in which Dichter took part was led by the "National Jewish Forum in the Likud" headed by Shlomo Feig.

"The Civil Administration must be shut down and another body created, which will operate throughout Judea and Samaria, as in all other parts of the country," said the MK.

Members of the “National Jewish Forum” were "impressed by MK Dichter's actions to strengthen Jewish and national identity through the Nationality Law he promoted, the law for offsetting terrorist money and other actions," they said.

During the tour, the need to prevent a Palestinian takeover of Area C through an effective enforcement mechanism with manpower, tools and powers was discussed. In addition, the importance of accelerating Jewish construction was emphasized.

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