Hadi Zilberman
Hadi Zilberman IDF Spokesman

IDF spokesman Hadi Zilberman on Tuesday hinted about an attack on Syria which occurred Monday night.

"The IDF is working to ensure its strategic goals, via a series of actions," Zilberman told Kan Bet.

Regarding the ceasefire agreement with Hamas, he noted that "the announcement comes due to the change in IDF policy and the strength of the responses."

In recent days, he said, the IDF attacked 100 targets, including observation posts, ground, and weapons, and integrated the military response with severe restrictions on the fishing zone, crossings, and gas. According to him, Hamas understood that the IDF is determined, and the coronavirus outbreak and Qatari money also contributed to Hamas' decision to agree to the ceasefire.

On Monday night, a Syrian military official said that two soldiers were killed and seven injured in an attack on the outskirts of Damascus. The attack is attributed to Israel, but Israel has not confirmed or denied responsibility.

According to him, the attack was aimed at Syrian military posts, and most of the missiles fired were shot down by the missile defense system before they reached their targets.