Steve Bannon addresses Zionist Organization of America gala
Steve Bannon addresses Zionist Organization of America galaHezki Baruch

Former White House adviser Steve Bannon has been charged with defrauding donors in an online fundraising campaign. The campaign promised to funnel 100% of the money towards a border wall with Mexico. Prosecutors are alleging Bannon mishandled a large portion of the funds, using it for his personal needs. According to Bannon's former site, Breitbart News, his spokeswoman has not commented on the developing story.

The report also states that members of Bannon's group titled "We Build The Wall," who had allegedly taken on erecting a section of the border wall in Southern Texas were accused by President Trump of "only [doing it] to make [him] look bad." The article goes on to say that the segment had been badly constructed, displaying "signs of erosion."

Bannon left Breitbart News to lead Trump's campaign in the closing months of his 2016 run and served as the President's chief strategist during the beginning of his reign only to relinquish the role in August 2017.

Bannon has, in the past, supported strong ties with Israel along with a line of controversial policies including partial immigration bans on predominantly Muslim states.