Break-in (illustrative)
Break-in (illustrative) iStock

A group of pro-Palestinian Authority activists in Britain has started a fight against the Israeli company Elbit and its offices in the UK. The activists have posted fliers around Elbit's locations, sprayed graffiti and even broken into Elbit's offices and caused damage.

The group behind these activities is "Palestine Action," which is a conglomerate of several pro-Palestinian Authority organizations in Britain that fight against Israel and advance BDS. The new group began its activities on July 30th, 2020 with the goal of ending British companies' collaboration with other companies that they claim "support the apartheid of the State of Israel."

Elbit has dozens of locations in Britain and has received the most attention due to its strong relationship with the IDF. Over the past two weeks, Elbit has suffered from numerous attacks from the new group. Part of these attacks have included placing fliers at the Oldham Bus Station near Elbit’s main offices. Ads have also been taken out on buses in London.

In addition, the activists broke into Elbit's offices. The first time this happened was two weeks ago and the activists sprayed graffiti in the building lobby and on the front door.

The second break-in occurred on August 6th. At that time, the activists dumped red paint on the lobby floor, put up a sign protesting the company, and sprayed graffiti on the 6th floor, which houses Elbit’s offices. The damage was captured on the building’s security tapes, which show that the perpetrators were not impeded in their efforts. One female activist noted that Elbit did not even mention the attacks.

A post in a Facebook group belonging to Palestine Action said that they will continue to break the law in their struggle against Elbit and that their current activities are only the beginning, with more serious attacks being planned. It is worth noting that this is not the first time that Elbit has been targeted by anti-Israel activists, and the company has been victim to frequent attacks over the years.

The Ad Kan Organization said, "Numerous anti-Israel organizations fight against the State of Israel both within her borders and abroad. These organizations should be uprooted, and their activities should be stopped immediately. They must not be allowed to besmirch the character of the State of Israel and her citizens before the world."

"I call on the new Israeli Ambassador to London, Tzipi Hotovely, to protect Israeli companies in Britain and not allow these activists to dominate the conversation and control how Israel is seen within the United Kingdom."