Graffiti on childcare center's wall
Graffiti on childcare center's wallIsrael Police spokesperson

On Wednesday morning, graffiti was discovered on the walls of the Holon childcare center where staff members have been arrested on suspicion of abuse, Israel Hayom reported.

In addition to the graffiti, eggs were thrown inside the building.

Israel Police have opened an investigation into the incident, and are searching for suspects.

Also on Wednesday morning, all six assistants at the center, as well as the lead teacher, were brought to the Tel Aviv Magistrates Court for an extension of their arrest. All of the suspects deny the charges against them.

The assistants' attorney, Shai Shorer, said: "From the footage, one thing seems clear: This is a trend, they did not cross the threshold into criminal actions at all."

The center's manager told investigators that she loves children and did not attempt to erase the footage. When the parents requested the cameras, she said, she gave them the cameras and they took them to an expert. She also said that she never saw the assistants abusing children, and would have reported them if she had.

On Tuesday parents filed a complaint against staff at the center, which serves children from three months to three years of age.

According to Israel Hayom, one mother, whose child is 34 months old, said, "He told me that the assistants hit him, throw him on the mattress, drag him by the legs, and shove food in his mouth."

Another mother said, "My daughter was the daycare's punching bag. You see the assistants take two kids and just throw them."