Chaim Levinson
Chaim Levinson Yoni Kempinski

A Haaretz journalist has come out in defense of haredi educational institutions, insisting that "they also deserve money, no more than others do and no less."

On Monday, Chaim Levinson emphasized that haredi educational institutions are suffering great financial distress due to the coronavirus crisis, and compared the danger in the lack of income among haredim employed by those institutions to the danger in the lack of income suffered by teachers employed in the Hila Program for at-risk youth.

The Hila Program is in danger of closing due to the lack of a State budget, and the yeshivas' budget has already suffered a significant hit, as have other educational programs.

"I write often about the 'yeshivas' budget' and it has this connotation of 'the haredim are stealing from us again,'" Levinson tweeted.

"So I want to clarify once: The haredi institutions are collapsing financially because of coronavirus and the lack of budget, and it's the income of people who are no less than the teachers in the Hila Program.

"They also deserve money - no more than others, and no less."