Haim Ramon
Haim Ramon Uri Lenz/Flash 90

Former Minister of Justice and Labor Party member Haim Ramon criticized the Supreme Court on Monday following the ruling that stopped the demolition of the home of the terrorist who murdered Golani fighter Amit Ben Yigal.

"The Supreme Court is once again interfering in the security considerations of a government backed by the Shin Bet," Ramon tweeted.

"There is no such reality in any legal system in the world. Further proof for those who needed it that the Supreme Court has carried out a hostile takeover of democracy and put itself above the sovereign," he added.

The Supreme Court's decision to prevent the demolition of the terrorist's home was met much outrage on the right.

Former Defense Minister and Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett dedicated his speech at the Knesset plenum to the Supreme Court decision.

"I ask judges Mazuz and Kara, what were you thinking? An injustice that is so extreme, so stinging to the eye, so stinging to the heart, that one can hardly digest it. Such an injustice is the Supreme Court ruling today, not to destroy the house of the murderer of the warrior Amit Ben Yigal, may his memory be a blessing. An IDF fighter who fell while I was Defense Minister, the only one who fell during that period," Bennett said.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz also criticized the Supreme Court decision.

"Of course we will respect any Supreme Court ruling, but the ruling that revoked the order to demolish the house of the terrorist who killed the late Amit Ben Yigal is very unfortunate," Gantz wrote on Twitter.

He added that "demolishing houses for deterrence is an important tool in the war on terror. Therefore, I instructed the professionals in the Defense Ministry to contact the Attorney General to submit a request for further discussion of the ruling."