anti-Netanyahu protest in Jerusalem
anti-Netanyahu protest in JerusalemOlivier Fitoussi /Flash90

Police are being deployed in greater numbers to the sites of anti-Netanyahu and pro-Netanyahu protests in Jerusalem Thursday evening following violence at previous protests.

The "La Familia" organization, whose members have been accused of involvement in the violent events in Jerusalem, announced that its activists will arrive around ​​the First Railway Station in Jerusalem following the end of the fast of Tisha B'Av. According to the organization, "Israel's troublemakers continue to despise any Jewish symbol. We will not remain indifferent and sit quietly with the state crumbling before our eyes. We have no interest in politics, we have interest only in confronting the extremist anarchists who have crossed the border, and we will not give up."

Yishai Hadas of the anti-Netanyahu "Crime Minister" organization said that "tonight we will have another demonstration in the huge series of demonstrations at Balfour st. We will not allow Netanyahu to burn the country. The police, and the Jerusalem police in particular, know the La Familia organization well and knows how to stop them. We are aware of the level of incitement and are not afraid. We will not be stopped- neither of the incitement nor of Netanyahu."

Former Shin Bet official Gonen Ben Yitzhak said: "Netanyahu decided to mark the protest leaders and incite against them. We are not protest leaders despite the attempts to portray us as such. Yesterday I saw a tweet from Netanyahu about incitement to murder against him, and a picture of me below it. It cannot be that in Israel is 2020 a person is threatening the prime minister and is not being arrested. That is why I complained to the police today against this profile, so that they can investigate who is behind it - from the right, on the left or from the prime minister himself."

Prior to the demonstration, police blocked traffic from Ben Maimon / Gaza streets to Paris Square, and from Paris Square junction to Keren Hayesod, King George and Agron streets. Police forces were deployed in the area of ​​Paris Square and in the streets adjacent to it.