Bennett Flash 90

Yamina Chairman former Defense Minister Naftali Bennett this evening expressed perplexity after the rollout of the new coronavirus project director Prof. Roni Gimzu's plan.

"It was a difficult evening. How much damage was done to Israeli citizens for irrelevant reasons," Bennett lamented.

He said, "Almost 4 months ago, I demanded: 1. Appoint a project coordinator. 2. Transfer powers to the Defense Ministry. 3. Increase testing, investigations, isolation. 4. Operate a traffic light red-yellow-green model. 5. Unified and orderly public information effort. 6. One central information system."

"I wrote everything in the program, I said everything in real time. Again and again. We could have prevented the terrible economic livelihood disaster that struck the citizens of Israel," Bennett said.

"For nothing. Just for nothing they ruined the lives of a million citizens. Unfortunately, it was probably because Netanyahu feared that 'Naftali Bennett mustn't succeed too much,' none of this happened," he added.

"This is a failure of the dimensions of the Yom Kippur War," he charged.

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