smoke rises after incident on Lebanese border (archive)
smoke rises after incident on Lebanese border (archive) David Cohen/Flash 90

A security source dismissed the Hezbollah terrorist organization's denial of involvement in the security incident which occurred at the northern border Monday afternoon.

"The whole incident was documented. The Hezbollah cell was armed," the source said.

Hezbollah had claimed that the Israeli government made up the confrontation which occurred when three of its members attempted to infiltrate into Israeli territory from Lebanon Monday.

"It appears that a state of terror is gripping the Israeli army and its settlers on the Lebanese border. Their a high level of alert and extreme fear of Hezbollah's reaction to enemy's crime of killing Ali Mohsen, combined with their inability to discern the resistance's intentions, have all led Israel to react nervously in the field," Hezbollah said in a statement.

"Everything claimed by Israeli media outlets about the foiling of a Hezbollah infiltration attempt from Lebanon into Israel, Hezbollah dead or wounded, is entirely incorrect, and is an attempt to invent false, fictional victories," the terrorist organization said.

IDF Spokesperson Hidai Zilberman said following the attack that “Tense and complicated days are before us."

“A cell sneaking into Israel in the middle of the day, they probably weren’t going to have a barbecue,” he said.