injured head of Jewish boy attacked in Hebron
injured head of Jewish boy attacked in Hebron Shimon Zarbib

A Jewish boy was attacked by four Arab youths in Hebron Monday. The attackers used a belt and stones and wounded the boy in the head,

14-year-old Yitzhak Zarbiv was riding a bicycle with a friend Monday afternoon. At one point they fell off their bikes in front of the four Arab youths who were all about the same age as them.

Shimon Zarbiv, Yitzhak's father, told Arutz Sheva that "my son and his friend fell off the bike and the Arabs laughed at them. It developed into a verbal confrontation and then the Arabs attacked my son."

"One Arab spat," Zarbiv said. "One cursed, one attacked with a belt and one with a stone."

Yitzhav suffered a wound to his head and received medical treatment at the scene. "He did not need to be evacuated to the hospital," the father said. "A combat medic who was there treated him and then we went to the health clinic to check that everything was all right."

"The Arabs were looking for trouble. We filed a complaint with the police. I expect the police to arrest the attackers and do their job right," he said.