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The number of coronavirus infections diagnosed since midnight has risen to 1,183 people, the Health Ministry announced Monday evening.

The percentage of tests which came back positive over the last day also rose to 8.1%.

The number of patients in serious condition has also risen to a new high of 264, 84 of whom are on ventilators.

The number of new confirmed cases had previously fallen Sunday to 951, down from 1,438 new cases on Saturday

At the same time, a coronavirus vaccine developed at Oxford University in the UK has achieved positive results, the Lancet scientific journal reported.

The vaccine, called ChAdOx1 nCoV-19, has been safely tested on 1,077 patients and has succeeded in producing antibodies against the coronavirus.

Kan News reported that Israel is in contact with AstraZeneca, the company which is developing the vaccine at Oxford. The parties are close to signing a deal which would make Israel one of the countries to receive the vaccine once it enters mass production.

The British government has already ordered more than 100 million doses of the medication.