Prayers at the Western Wall
Prayers at the Western WallHodaya Keleman, TPS

Three Councils of Torah Sages on Monday issued a joint call for prayers to end the coronavirus pandemic.

The Council's announcement, which was published Monday morning in the three haredi newspapers, urged the public to repent and increase in prayers on the eve of the first day of the Hebrew month of Menachem Av.

"As....the virus spreads and many of our Jewish brethren need to be healed, we have an obligation to repent and to mend our ways and deeds, and to pour out our words and pleas before G-d, that He should have mercy on us and remove from us all afflictions and illness," it read.

"Therefore, we are hereby calling on our Jewish brethren everywhere to cry out and pray to the Creator of the world, each according to his custom, on Tuesday, the 29th of the month of Tamuz, the eve of the first day of Menachem Av.

"And may it be G-d's will that He will hear our cries and all the sick will be healed, and that the healthy will not fall ill, and we will merit a quick salvation."