Students outside the Hebrew Gymnasium on Sunday night
Students outside the Hebrew Gymnasium on Sunday nightCourtesy of the photographer

Deputy Health Minister Yoav Kisch (Likud) on Monday morning condemned an end-of-year party held at the Hebrew Gymnasium high school in Jerusalem, against guidelines.

"In our view, these events are the most serious," Kisch told Army Radio. "The moment dozens of people gather together, it's a dangerous event which can lead to infections on a large scale."

On Sunday night, it was reported that over 100 students at the Hebrew Gymnasium participated in the school's traditional end-of-year prom, despite the strict restrictions on gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic. The school had over 220 cases of coronavirus after the first lockdown ended and was closed.

Photos taken at the event show that a significant portion of the participants did not wear masks or keep the required two-meter distance from other participants. Instead, students entered the school one after the other, and a staff member locked it, requesting that the students wear masks when they leave due to the photographers waiting outside.

According to some of the participants, the students were divided into small groups, so that they would be "following" the Health Ministry guidelines.

Neighbors told Arutz Sheva that the police received reports regarding the situation throughout the night, but arrived at the scene only when the event was nearing its end.

The Gymnasium's principal, who was at the scene, denied that there was a blatant violation of the Education Ministry's guidelines.

"Today grade 12 at the Hebrew Gymnasium held its graduation event," he said. "The event took place according to the rules and the permissible numbers. Each class came an hour apart from the other, had their program, and met outside."