Hamas Abed Rahim Khatib/ Flash90

Musa Abu Marzuk, deputy head of the Hamas "political bureau," says that the senior commander who defected after it was revealed that he spied for Israel - is a traitor and therefore fled.

He claims that the man does not have important information that could endanger Hamas. "The Israelis welcomed him, he fled because he was a traitor," Abu Marzouk told the Lebanese Al-Mayadeen network. "We have arrested several collaborators with Israel, but there is no connection between the people we arrested to this case and there is no connection between them and each other."

According to a report on the Al-Arabiya network, the senior official, who commanded the organization's naval commando unit, escaped from the Gaza Strip aboard a navy boat, after being suspected of spying for Israel.

According to the report, the senior commander brought with him a laptop with classified materials and wiretaps.