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There is this thing among my people, never to speak the name Hitler. Instead, we say, may-his-name-be-erased.

Sometimes, however, it can’t be helped…such as now, when a top football player, DeSean Jackson, expresses his admiration for Hitler, and for Farrakhan.

That’s another name that should be erased.

Jackson, by the way, plays for the Philadelphia Eagles. Philadelphia is a good place. Good people. They are loyal to all their sports teams, win or lose. This is commendable. But they will always, unfortunately, be remembered as boo-birds, specifically for that time when they booed Santa Claus.

Will they boo Jackson if football ever gets back? So far, there’s been a wall of silence from the NFL. Nothing, or nothing much, from the players or the league.

As for the fans, they will forget after he scores a touchdown, or remember after he drops the ball.

Yes, Hitler is back, and we did wonder how long it would be before the mob reached back for its inner anti-Semitism.

Well, not too long. Like the Brown Shirts of yesteryear, they are now marching with epithets, and trampling with threats. You thought it would end with toppling statues?

Anti-Semitism is like gravity. The pull is irresistible.

You thought it would end with toppling statues?
In vain we wait, but there is no one to stop them. In fact, they are being supported by the Democrat-Academic-Corporate Complex, and abetted by feckless Republicans.

So as the mobs rule our streets, highways, our neighborhoods and our homes, we ask, who is their leader?

Plainly, who is their Hitler?

They have nearly all the other brutish ingredients that go into a brew that starts with anarchy and ends in tyranny.

Except that they are fragmented, and in many cases are nothing more than scattered groups of stupid kids we used to call juvenile delinquents.

In those days they were “rebels without a cause.” They had no leader, so they dispersed. These days their cause is lawlessness, and they still have no leader.

Will they disperse?

Don’t tell anyone you read it here first. We don’t want word to get out that this is our only hope – they have no leader.

If they get one, as Germany did, all bets are off. But so far, we’ve been lucky.

But not lucky enough.

For our side, the patriots, we are still in search of a champion, a hero – someone to save this country from the hordes.

It should have been President Trump. I supported him from day one. I continue to do so. He has been a great president – until about a month ago.

What happened? Was it Jared Kushner’s bad advice?

Whatever, Trump failed to act decisively and forcefully. He could have stopped it through a single act of federal power.

He could have picked out one hot spot to make a point, that this will not stand, there, or anywhere in America.

Sen. Tom Cotton recommended it, and the Chicago Tribunereminds us that, in recent years, 12 times our presidents sent in federal troops to maintain law and order where chaos prevailed..

But Trump tweeted as statues fell and our cities burned.

Trump needs to get his mojo back, so we can get our country back.

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