Helicopter Flash90

A serious malfunction took place last week in the chief of staff's helicopter during a routine flight, during which both engines of the helicopter were off while in the air.

According to a report on News 12, a disaster nearly occured when a serious malfunction was discovered in one of the two engines of IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi's helicopter, during a routine flight from the Knesset to one of the IDF bases.

According to the report, one of the engines stopped working, but the pilots then erred and turned off the only engine that did work. The helicopter began to sink, reaching a height of 30 meters from the ground. The pilots realized that they had erred and activated the engine, thus stabilizing it.

Then, however, the pilots decided to continue flying with the one engine to the Tel Nof base - about a ten-minute flight from the Knesset. The Air Force is currently investigating to examine all decisions made during the incident.

The IDF Spokesperson responded "Last week, a 'Yanshuf' helicopter landed at a base in the center of the country due to a technical malfunction. The helicopter, carrying out a transport flight on which the chief of staff was flying, landed safely at the base and another helicopter was dispatched to complete the mission. There was a technical malfunction of an engine operated by the crew. The immediate actions of the team allowed the malfunction to operate safely and at no stage was there danger to the passengers. The incident is being investigated."