A video posted this afternoon is causing an uproar of revulsion and disgust on social networks.

The video shows a 13-year-old haredi girl walking a baby stroller detained by police for not wearing a mask. The police did not let up on the girl, even though she burst into tears and found it difficult to regain her calm.

Deputy Education Minister Meir Porush responded to the video, saying, "It's a heartbreaking sight to see police looking to ticket a crying girl for not wearing a mask.

"I ask the public to produce such a photo of a police officer giving a ticket to a secular girl. This, apart from the fact that the Knesset approved imposing a NIS 500 fine, which is disproportionate and scandalous according to all opinions," added Porush.

United Torah Judaism MK Rabbi Yisrael Eichler said: "The secular regime turns anti-Semitic in the shadow of coronavirus. The haredi public cannot defend itself against those who rise up against us like the worst enemies. A cop who feels he can bully a little girl doesn't do it alone. It is instigated by an anti-Semitic establishment of politicians, judges, and media outlets who are enemies of haredi Jews.

"The police have lost control over the hostility of anti-haredi policemen. People live in fear and say police are more dangerous than the coronavirus pandemic. The anti-Semitic masses see every haredi child spreading potential bacteria, and they work off of that assumption. Liberman and Lapid talk about violence in the streets following coronavirus and this is the result."

Eichler added, "I urge the Prime Minister and Internal Security Minister to immediately fire these brutal police officers, to convey a message that they don't represent the State. The police officers must be promptly instructed: Any police officer who gives a ticket to a minor at such an age will be fired immediately."