MKs Shir and Haskel
MKs Shir and Haskel Spokesperson

Knesset members Michal Shir and Sharren Haskel (Likud) on Thursday toured the communities in the Har Hebron region with Yochai Damri, head of the Har Hebron Regional Council.

Shir and Haskel sought to see more closely the communities expected to become "enclaves" surrounded by Palestinian territory if sovereignty is applied according to the map of the US “Deal of the Century”.

"Yochai Damri showed us what the conceptual map looks like in the field," Shir said, adding, "An in-depth look at the map published by the White House raises the concern that those who designed the map did not see sovereignty, as we have been promised, but the establishment of a Palestinian state.”

"A map that turns blossoming communities into enclaves, cuts off major arteries and dries out flourishing Jewish communities is not a map of sovereignty. It is a map of partition,” continued Shir.

"We in the Likud have promised sovereignty and we will keep the promise of sovereignty," she stressed.

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