Baruch ben Yigal
Baruch ben Yigal Screenshot

The trial of the murdered IDF soldier Amit Ben Yigal during and IDF operation in Yaabed in northern Samaria is expected to open today in the Salem military court.

Ahead of the trial, the father, Baruch Ben Yigal, posted a video of his feelings about his son's murderer's trial.

At the beginning of the video, Ben Yigal addressed his son, "I wanted to tell you that yesterday I was in the State Attorney's office for many hours, and after sitting with them, I want to tell you that I have complete confidence in the lawyers, prosecutors in this case, who are going to ask one sentence for the terrorist: a life sentence. It won't be less than this."

"He took your life and he'll sit in jail until his last day," Ben Yigal added.

He said, "Today the trial will start; it's a long journey, but we have patience. It's not going to be a month or two. But I assure you I'll do everything all the time to be there with my finger on the pulse and in the end he'll pay the cost of a life sentence."

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