In a sermon broadcast by the PA, an unidentified preacher called on Palestinian Arabs to wage war against Israel, warning Israel that “its end, Allah willing, is near."

“The oppression will not last, and this stage is destined to pass. The occupation (i.e., Israel) has Judaized the holy sites and defiled them, and continues to do so... This is a warning to the occupation that its end, Allah willing, is near," the preacher said on official PA TV earlier this month.

The preacher quoted the beginning of a Quran verse whose continuation calls for war to “terrify the enemy of Allah.” The verse, which is known to be a call for Jihad, used in the current context is clearly identifying Israelis as “the enemies of Allah” to be fought. The words quoted by the preacher implores Palestinian Arabs to use “all means of power” against Israel. The preacher stressed that now is not a time merely for “prayers” but a time to act:

“The divine religions and the international conventions and customs – they all allow us to defend ourselves... The oppressed -he is allowed to defend himself... There is no option but to take initiative.

"Let us not just pray and say: “The occupation [i.e., Israel] will pass thanks to the prayers.” Let no one understand me thus. There is no choice but to take all the types of initiative. 'And prepare against them whatever you are able of power' ... We say to the occupation that all the types of power are permitted for the Palestinian people in order to defend itself, to defend its land, to defend the [Jordan] Valley, to defend Jerusalem, to defend Al-Aqsa, to defend the holy sites, to defend the water, to defend the tax money that is being held, to defend all our stolen rights.”