The partial solar eclipse began in Israel Sunday morning.

The eclipse began at 7:20 AM and will reach its peak at 8:20 AM. The eclipse will end at 9:20 AM and will last about two hours.

An eclipse is caused when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. A partial eclipse occurs when the sun is partially occluded. A total eclipse occurs when the sun is completely occluded by the moon.

Approximately one-third of the sun will be occluded at the peak of the eclipse.

Israelis are advised not to look directly at the eclipse. Looking at an eclipse can cause retinal damage known as "eclipse blindness”and solar retinopathy and lead to permanent eye damage. Even normal sunglasses do not protect the eyes when looking directly at an eclipse. Looking directly at the eclipse is only possible with special eyeware made for such viewing and with telescopes.

The next eclipse which will be seen in Israel will not occur until August 2027. The next full eclipse which will be visible in Israel will not occur until 2180.