soldiers and civilians in Hebron (archive)
soldiers and civilians in Hebron (archive) צילום: הודיה סעדיה/TPS

Responses poured in on social media following reports that a group of Jewish youths had attacked an Arab man in Hebron.

The IDF's official Facebook page posted an image Sunday morning of a Golani Brigade soldier embracing a Jewish child with the caption: "a touching moment captured on camera."

The same image was also posted on the official Facebook page of the Golani Briagde with the caption: "we love the Jewish community of Hebron."

Last night, Channel 12 News anchor Dana Weiss called the youths involved in Friday's attack "terrorists." The video of the incident featured a caption which read: "Golani soldier rescues Palestinian man from terrorists who attacked him in Hebron."

The Arab who was attacked, however, chose a different terminology, "I feared for my life. About 20 settlers attacked me."

Yoav Eliasi, and Israeli rapper and blogger known as 'The Shadow,' wrote a post on Facebook criticizing Channel 12 News' coverage of the incident.

"The history of Hebron. 200 years ago=Jews. 1967=residents. 1971=settlers. 1994=settlorists. 2020=terrorists. This isn't a mistake by Channel 12 News. That's how they think," Eliasi wrote.

Channel 12 News spokesman Alon Shani, commented in response to 'Ein Sheviit:' "The captions in that edition were an unfortunate mistake and we are working to ensure it does not happen again. It should be mentioned that at the start and later in the story, the program aired with the correct reading of 'settlers.'"

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