Chief of Staff Kochavi
Chief of Staff Kochavi IDF Spokesman

The IDF today held a learning forum on dealing with the coronavirus, lessons learned, and second wave preparedness led by Chief of Staff Major General Aviv Kochavi and attended by the General Staff Forum and other senior commanders.

During the forum, lessons learned from the IDF dealing with the coronavirus were presented, in the context of civilian assistance and military action in the face of the virus.

Among other things, examinations were presented of units whose function changed during the coronavirus period; Sayeret Matkal Commander Major General Y. presented the unit's mode of operation in testing. In addition, the head of the Technological Research Branch Major General N. presented the activities of the National Information and Knowledge Center.

After the Learning Forum, an IDF commendation ceremony was held for IDF units, as well as partners on the IDF's path, on their activities to date in the areas of functional continuity, as well as in projects designed to support the civilian economy and provide medical assistance.

Throughout the day, commanders discussed a second wave of the coronavirus, with broad implications for the IDF, emphasizing aspects Home Front Command emergency operation and aspects of command and control.

Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi said: "You were called to the banner at the outbreak of the panemic - and you came, but the truth is, the great majority of you are called by virtue of conscience and values, and wherever your help is needed - you arrive. You did so with uncompromising dedication and professionalism.

"The various efforts were deployed across the country - fighters in the alleys of Bnei Brak and Jerusalem distributed food, soldiers worked to provide an explanatory response to civilians, commanders assisted the local authorities, hotels, and hospitals, and embers of the technology units spent night and day developing advanced methods and means to assist in the struggle.

"Thanks to you, the commanders of the units who took the stage, and thanks to the thousands of commanders and soldiers in whose names you stand here today, we have stood the challenge. The effort was shared. The IDF acted as a single entity and cooperated with civilian bodies and government ministries."

Kochavi emphasized that "the IDF is not resting on its laurels, we are learning, researching, and drawing the lessons needed to improve our readiness for future coping, in the context of preparing for a second wave, in the hope that it will not come."

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