'They all lied to us except for Shaked'
'They all lied to us except for Shaked' Channel 13

The family of Israeli Nati Hadad, who was transferred from Thailand on Monday to serve a prison sentence in Israel, thanked former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked for her part in Hadad's return to Israel in a Channel 13 interview this morning.

"Ayelet, we want to tell you that nobody in the world can understand what you did. I'll tell you something even though we're broadcasting: Everyone lied to us, in terms of politics. One woman didn't lie to us even by one letter," said Hadad's brother.

"She always helped and she made sure in the 90th minute before she left the Justice Department job to close it all. Nobody can take that away from her. She deserves the credit and hats off to her," the brother added.

Nurit, Hadad's mother, continued to call Shaked a "Queen, a queen."

Minister Shaked thanked the family and wrote on her Facebook page, "Even in the most difficult moments of this long process, I told Nurit Nati's mother not to lose hope. It's always darkest before dawn."

"I had the privilege to reach out and help. For such things, I went into public life. There's no greater mitzvah than redeeming captives."

"כולם שיקרו לנו חוץ משקד" רשת 13