One of the letters
One of the letters PM's Facebook

Following years of allegations against Prime Minister Netanyahu's wife Sara, the Prime Minister on Sunday revealed thank-you notes from former employees praising Sara for her management skills.

The Prime Minister issued the statement following a Channel 13 report in which a former employee went back on her praise for Sara Netanyahu, claiming that her statement had been made up and that she had told a fellow employee that she did it "out of fear for my job."

"In response to the daily Fake News media reports against my wife Sara, here are some of the letters these same employees wrote to her along with attorney Yossi Cohen's response," the Prime Minister posted to Facebook.

"The distorted, incomplete, concocted secret recordings they produced are completely contrary to actual facts and the declarations the two filed, the warm letters of appreciation addressed to Mrs. Netanyahu asking her to have them continue their employment, dozens of SMSs praising their place of work - and most important, are absolutely misleading," said her attorney.

"The fake recordings are a collection of lies intended to humiliate Sara Netanyahu in order to influence legal proceedings [against her husband] and blackmail the state," Cohen added.