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Israel suspended the order signed less than a month ago by IDF Central Commander Nadav Padan against Palestinian Authority banks through which salaries are paid to murderers of Jews and their families.

According to a Reshet Bet report today, the order had obligated banks operating in the Palestinian Authority to freeze and close bank accounts used by imprisoned operatives and their families, after exposing them to lawsuits.

Notice of the order's 45-day suspension was sent to the Palestinian Authority last night by decision of Defense Minister and Alt Prime Minister Benny Gantz.

The report also stated that security officials in Israel confirmed this and said the decision was made in light of recommendations by various bodies in the security system for re-examination and obtaining opinions on the significance of the order on the background of its "sensitivity" and "tension in the field".

Earlier this week, it was reported that Israel stopped offsetting salaries from the tax money it raises for the Palestinian Authority.

Despite the passing of the law, in the past three months Israel has not set aside any amount from the hundreds of millions of shekels that the PA has transferred to security prisoners and murderer's families.

Following news of the order's freeze, former Defense Minister MK Naftali Bennett tweeted: "In simple Hebrew: When I was Defense Minister, I issued an order prohibiting Palestinian banks from transferring monthly payments to Israeli murderers. A bank that does so pass will be flagged and will be severely damaged. The Palestinian banks have stopped making payments to murderers. It drove murderer's families nuts. The PA pressured Netanyahu-Gantz to freeze the order, and they froze it."

Yamina also attacked the order: "The Netanyahu-Gantz government has given huge backing to Palestinian terror this morning. The government authorized the Palestinian Authority to transfer funds to murderers and their families. Under PA pressure, they suspended the order issued by former Defense Minister Naftali Bennett."

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