Life during coronavirus (illustrative)
Life during coronavirus (illustrative) iStock

Professor Yoram Lass, former Health Ministry Director-General, spoke to 103 FM Radio about the coronavirus outbreak, saying he is not worried about the number of people affected.

Outraged, 103 FM's Aryeh Eldad told Prof. Lass, "You're driving the public crazy, trying to tell them that coronavirus is nothing, but around the world 370,000 people have died of coronavirus. You said coronavirus wouldn't leave China, but you're completely confused."

"In March and April of this year, 8,000 people died in Israel, and the same number of people died last year. There was no first wave of coronavirus, it drowned in the statistical noise," Prof. Lass explained.

Comparing the mortality rates for coronavirus to those of seasonal flu, he said: "Anyone who didn't manage to die this year from flu, died from coronavirus. If this year's flu season was harsh, the number of people who died from coronavirus was even smaller."

Regarding the fact that over 100,000 people died of coronavirus in the US, Prof. Lass recalled the plague which broke out in the US in 1968, saying: "That year in the US, the population was only 220 million people, as opposed to 330 million today, but from the flu that broke out in Hong Kong that same year, over 100,000 people died - and no one hoarded toilet paper. You know why? Because there was no Facebook."

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