Danny Dayan at Salute to Israel Parade
Danny Dayan at Salute to Israel ParadeNew York Consulate General

The annual 'Celebrate Israel' parade, attracts tens of thousands of marchers and many senior officials every year, will be held in a 'virtual' format this year in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

The colorful floats will be replaced by computer screens and the various groups of marchers will instead participate via ZOOM.

The virtual parade will be held this coming Sunday, June 7, and will be attended by Israeli President Reuben Rivlin, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, Consul General, Danny Dayan; Basketball player Omri Caspi, and more.

Israeli Consul General in New York Danny Dayan noted: "Among the parties trying unsuccessfully to separate the State of Israel from New York and its Jewish people this year was the coronavirus, but it also failed in that mission. The parade will go virtual, but the love for the State of Israel will also be real this year. Every year, the day of the parade is one of the most exciting days for an Israeli staying in New York. This year will be no different."

The "Celebrate Israel Parade" is the world's largest public event to support Israel. The parade has been held annually on Fifth Avenue in New York since 1964. Representatives and marchers come from the New York metropolitan area, as well as from other parts of the United States.

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