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Yisrael Beyteinu Party Chairman Avigdor Liberman sharply attacked haredi Knesset Members and parties in a Knesset Channel interview.

Liberman addressed the government's establishment, saying, "It wasn't a process of forming a government. It was simply a robbery in broad daylight. A robbery of robbers. Both Gantz and Netanyahu simply robbed the people of Israel. They simply take money from the unemployed and hand it over to the idle. They are creating an unnecessary bureaucracy here."

Liberman went on the attack on the haredi parties, "In the agreement, they give a billion and 200 million shekels to Shas and United Torah Judaism, people who never paid income tax and social security. Netanyahu sold the secular, traditional, and religious Zionists to the haredim in a liquidation sale. He won't do one thing to harm the haredi spread. They've seized influence and power that they have never had; in fact they control the Knesset on the three important committees, and they can jam any economic process.

"There's no reason why the State of Israel should fund an education system that prevents from school children a core education; here they raise generations of poor and needy children in advance, and this is their intention, to depend on the haredi establishment. Like they used to talk about cannon fodder, here they breed election fodder. It's just like that and it's contrary to all Jewish values," he added.

He said the way to fix this is by forming a government without the haredi parties, "one term without the haredim is needed to fix it. We will endeavor, and we said it in the elections, that for one term the two haredi parties should be in opposition, just so normalcy can be restored, Other priorities - first of all, soldiers, young people, young couples. Those who serve in the army and do reserve duty, work, and pay taxes."

Liberman sets a high goal for his party ahead of the next election: "We as Yisrael Beyteinu want to create a governmental alternative and also run for the premiership, absolutely. I hope we'll gain enough seats so we can put our agenda to the cabinet and the Knesset."

On his relationship with the opposition chairman, Liberman said, "For me, Lapid is an acceptable partner. We're in a good working relationship and good personal relations. I see no reason why not to be united with Yesh Atid."

At the end Liberman commented on the split in Blue and White, "We recommended Gantz as prime minister, unfortunately Gantz was terrified of himself. In my opinion, the main reason he didn't continue was that he was afraid to take responsibility. He preferred to be Netanyahu's defense minister than to stand at the head. He didn't want to be prime minister and on the way he wanted to close accounts with Lapid."

MK Yisrael Eichler from United Torah Judaism responded to the interview, saying, "Liberman now sits on the Knesset Channel and incites like a wild animal against haredi children, calling them cannon fodder. Liberman accuses the haredim of robbing unemployed's money to give it to people who never paid taxes. After failing to exclude the haredim and the nation opting to evict him outside the camp, he incited the masses in anti-Semitic style like in ancient times. How could the Knesset Channel be used for this singular show of blatant anti-Semitic incitement by the dreaded Evet?"

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