Mossad head Yossi Cohen
Mossad head Yossi CohenFlash 90

A fake news website posing as Arutz Sheva has published a false article apparently aimed at spreading misinformation about Israel’s involvement in the ongoing political turmoil in Venezuela.

Venezuelan Jews expressed concerns over the weekend after an article was published under this author’s name on a website purporting to be part of the Israel National News – Arutz Sheva network.

The article presents false quotes from Yossi Cohen, director of Israel’s Mossad national intelligence agency, portraying Cohen and the State of Israel as planning to collaborate with the US in deposing Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro.

Citing a fictitious statement by Cohen, the false article claims Israel and the CIA are working to remove Maduro over his country’s oil deal with Iran.

In fact, no such comments were made by Cohen, nor is there any evidence of plans by the Mossad and CIA for a joint effort to remove Maduro.

The bogus article was published under the address, a false mirror of Arutz Sheva’s address.

On Sunday, Venezuelan Jewish leaders expressed alarm at the publication of the false article, saying the report had caused serious concern within the community.

“We suspect it to be FAKE NEWS to be used against the Jewish Community. So far, a lot of noise against us,” a leader of the Venezuelan Jewish community told Arutz Sheva.

“There’s a television program in Venezuela with a host who is very anti-Israel, consistently. Last night, he went on air citing this alleged story which is claimed to be from Israeli news, and used it to put Israel in a bad light, and to put local Jews in a difficult position.”

It remains unclear at this time who is responsible for the impostor website.