IAF President Josh Reinstein, PM Netanyahu, and IAF Chairman Dr. Dave Weldon
IAF President Josh Reinstein, PM Netanyahu, and IAF Chairman Dr. Dave WeldonAvi Hayun

In honor of Jerusalem Day, Chairmen from Israel Allies Caucuses as well as Ministers in Latin America and Europe sent congratulatory letters to Israeli President Reuven Rivlin.

The Latin American letter was signed by a Minister from Uruguay, a Senator from Colombia, as well as legislatures from Guatemala, Argentina and Suriname, each representing the Israel Allies Caucus from their respective countries.

The letter read: “On Jerusalem Day, we will celebrate not only the determination of the Jewish people to live in the eternal capital of Israel, but also the shared Judeo-Christian values that have sealed the historic relations between Latin America and Israel since November 1947, when 13 of the then 20 Latin American countries voted in favor of the creation of the State of Israel at the United Nations General Assembly.”

Upon signing the letter, Chairman of the Israel Allies Caucus in the Senate of Colombia, Senator Edgar Mizrahi remarked, "We want to congratulate the Jewish people and the State of Israel on Jerusalem Day. We also want to take advantage of this opportunity to congratulate the State of Israel on the formation of the National Unity Government, wishing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Alternate Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Gantz the best success in their leadership of the Executive.”

Chairman of the Guatemalan Congressional Israel Allies Caucus Fidel Reyes Lee described the Israel-Guatemala Friendship Day, which was recently celebrated in the Guatemalan Congress. On that day, the law dictated that all Guatemalan children must study about Israel in school in order to enhance their understanding and appreciation of the country. “Guatemala and the United States without a doubt are the best allies of Israel in the world, since the declaration of the State of Israel.”

Leopoldo Martinez, who oversees all the Israel Allies Caucuses in Latin America in his role as Israel Allies Foundation (IAF) Latin America Director said, “The IAF network for Israel in Latin America continues to expand. Over the past few years we facilitated the formation of pro-Israel Caucuses in the Senate of Colombia and in the Congress of Guatemala. What is happening in these countries is an incredible example to other countries in the region. We want to replicate this support for Israel throughout other countries in Latin America and raise existing support to a higher level. We are excited to see what happens in 2020 in the region.”

A similar letter was signed by Israel Allies Caucus Chairmen from the EU and 12 European parliaments.

Estonian Minister of Population Riina Solman was among the signatories as well as Israel Allies Caucus chairmen from Romania, Sweden, Hungary, Italy, Croatia, Finland, Netherlands, Lithuania and Wales. Their letter included a pledge to continue working to support Israel.

“As legislators and members from different European parliaments, we want to thank the State of Israel for their increasing cooperation, trade and approach to the region. We will continue to work in our respective parliaments to strengthen the ties between Israel and Europe.”

Member of Parliament Bert-Jan Ruissen, Chairman of the EU Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucus said, “Jerusalem Day is a day of significant importance, as it marks the reunification of Jerusalem. This is a day of celebration and of gratefulness. As the Vice Chair of the European Parliament delegation for the relations with Israel, I am fully supporting the good relations between the EU and Israel. I am looking forward to continuing our common efforts to increase peace and prosperity in the reunited Jerusalem and far beyond this Holy City.”

Josh Reinstein, President of the Israel Allies Foundation, expressed his appreciation for the leadership of the caucus chairmen. “During these times of closed borders and social distancing, it is especially heartwarming to hear from the leadership of our caucuses around the world regarding their love and support for our united capital Jerusalem. Notwithstanding the physical distance between us, we will still work as one to strengthen support for Israel through faith-based diplomacy so that next Jerusalem Day many of their capitals will be in Jerusalem,” said Reinstein.