Daycare (illustrative)
Daycare (illustrative) iStock

A toddler who attends a Tel Aviv daycare has been diagnosed with coronavirus, Israel Hayom reported.

The site noted that the toddler attended Ma'on Hartuv, and that according to the daycare, he contracted coronavirus from a family member who was diagnosed with the disease before his return to daycare.

"According to the directions of Dr. Michal Savyon, Deputy District Doctor of Tel Aviv at the Health Ministry, only those in the toddler's class must immediately quarantine," the notice said. "Exposure occurred on May 11, and therefore they must remain in quarantine until May 25."

"You must register on the Health Ministry's site and report the home quarantine. The classroom of the potty-trained class will be sterilized according to Health Ministry guidelines."

In Rehovot, two teachers were diagnosed with coronavirus, causing three classes to be quarantined.

At the same time, Israel's new Health Minister, Yuli Edelstein (Likud) approved a move to eliminate the requirement for students to wear masks at school, due to the extreme heat.

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