Yuval Carmi
Yuval CarmiChannel 13 News

Yuval Carmi, the falafel store owner from Ashdod who cried in front of the cameras about the closing of businesses at the height of the coronavirus epidemic, found it difficult to cope with the emotional strain, arrived at Kaplan Hospital with chest pain and weakness, and was hospitalized moments before a heart attack.

"Thank God, they made a new man out of me. They saved me," Carmi told Channel 13 News. "I came to the emergency room, someone came up to me, his wife recognized me, said 'hello.' Her husband comes, tells her, 'Do you know him?' She says, 'Yes, this is the guy who cried on television.' It hurt me. My heart exploded."

"I hurt for my wife and my kids, who would come home every night crying and see everything they wrote on Facebook that we were rich and ‘he was a liar’ and ‘he was a fraud,’" continued Carmi.

Carmi arrived at Kaplan after days of chest pain and weakness. He underwent a catheterization seconds before a heart attack.

All Yuval wants is to return to his falafel store. "I miss the people, seeing them and making them smile. This is my world," he concluded.