Arabs threaten Jewish youths near Yakir
Arabs threaten Jewish youths near Yakir PR

Radical leftists and Palestinian Arabs arrived at a spring near the town of Yakir in Samaria, threatening Jewish teenagers while brandishing rocks, and demanding that the youths leave the site.

The youths, residents of Yakir, were in the process of building a spring at the foot of the town in memory of the father of one of the local residents who passed away of the coronavirus about a month ago in the United States.

Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Regional Council, arrived at the police station together with mayor of Yakir Attorney Doron Kamir, where the teenagers had a chance to reenact the incident.

Dagan spoke with senior police officials, and stated that he viewed the incident as a serious criminal act and that "This incident could have ended in the cold blood murder of one of the teenagers. We were a step away from a major calamity. Just a few days ago, the Jewish People buried the fighter Amit ben Yigal who was murdered when a block was thrown at him during an operation in the village of Ya'abad."

"I demand that the rioters be located, that the [radical left] Israelis who tried to harm the youths and the Palestinian Arabs who participated in this severe act [be dealt with accordingly]." According to Dagan, the IDF's policy of restraint and the political echelon "are the ones responsible for the freedom allotted to our enemies who allow themselves to target "our soldiers, our children, and [Israelis driving on our roads] whenever they please."