Under the bed (stock)
Under the bed (stock)istock

Searches for a six-year-old boy from the city of Bnei Brak in central Israel were called off Wednesday, after the child was found safe and sound – sleeping under his bed.

Dozens of police officers and volunteers had been deployed overnight to search for the child after his parents declared him missing, when they were unable to find him Tuesday evening.

Police called on the public to help locate the child, publishing the child’s photograph and a description, including how he was dressed when he was last seen Tuesday.

But the searches were cancelled Wednesday morning, when the boy’s parents accidentally discovered him sleeping under his bed, where he had apparently gone to hide the evening before.

The boy’s parents discovered him when they went to fold up the bed in the children’s room. Underneath, the boy, awakened by the folding bed and oblivious to the drama that had been unfolding, cried out, alerting his parents to his location.