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The Cabinet on Sunday evening approved changes to the emergency regulations as part of the national fight against the coronavirus.

It was decided that restrictions on the operation of businesses and shops in the evening hours during Ramadan, in localities where most residents are Muslim, will now only be done in localities declared to be "restricted areas".

In addition, the restriction on staying in public parks will also be abolished. Activities in fitness facilities will be possible provided there is signage by the local authority regarding the need to maintain physical distancing and prevent gatherings. A restriction on the use of amusement facilities located in a public park or other public area remain in effect.

The exemption from wearing a mask during psychiatric treatment will be permitted without maintaining a distance of three meters, in addition to a similar exemption already provided during treatments of minors.

In addition, the Cabinet determined that those returning from abroad who demonstrate the ability to maintain complete home isolation will be permitted to self-isolate in their home or any other suitable place at their disposal. In addition, those who are already staying in a hotel and demonstrate the ability to self-isolate at home will be permitted to complete the isolation period in their home.

Those returning from overseas who cannot maintain home isolation will be directed to hotel isolation at the expense of the state. A person returning from overseas will not be permitted to arrive at his home by public transportation, except in taxis and in accordance with guidelines (use of masks, traveling with open windows), to prevent potential contamination on public transportation.

A person who violates the isolation order or travels by public transportation will be fined and required to complete the isolation in a hotel. Enforcement will be stepped up and the police will ensure that those returning from overseas are isolated at home and will be assisted for this purpose by inspectors of the Population and Immigration Authority.

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