Netanyahuצילום: עדינה ולמן, דוברות הכנסת

Srugim Hebrew news reported that a panel of judges who will try PM Netanyahu's criminal trial has decided that the first hearing to be held at the end of the month will not be filmed or broadcast live. An appeal is likely to be filed with the Supreme Court.

Justices Rebecca Friedman Feldman, Moshe Bar-Am, and Oded Shaham ruled that in light of the coronavirus crisis, in addition to the defendants, only one attorney and defense counsel will be allowed entry to the courtroom.

They also added: "The hearing will be televised on close-circuit TV in two additional halls, in accordance with Ministry of Health directives and approval of a spokeswoman for the court…"

Chen Maanit of the Globes newspaper, who was amongst the photographers who asked to have the trial broadcast, announced that he intended to to file an appeal with the Supreme Court in hopes of having the decision overturned, allowing the noteworthy trial to be broadcast in real time, or in the very least photographed.