Yamina Flash 90

he Yamina party issued a formal announcement this morning stating that it was headed for the opposition in the upcoming term and would not be a partner in the government sworn in Wednesday.

"In light of the composition of the government and its policy that appears to be a left-wing government headed by Netanyahu, and in light of the Prime Minister's blatant disrespect for Yamina's voting public, the Yamina party has decided to serve the public in the opposition in the upcoming term and fight for the national camp from there," the statement said.

"The decision was made after repeated attempts to exhaust the coalition negotiations with Likud and Prime Minister Netanyahu, who chose to dismantle the right-wing bloc and partnership with Yamina."

"Yamina will prepare for the day after Netanyahu, which will come in a year and a half, and produce from the opposition a real alternative: a right that is not ready to sell the justice system to the left for personal survival, a right that is not ready to kowtow to Hamas and Abu Mazen [Abbas], a right that is truly committed to the development and authorization of settlements, a right that doesn’t sell Judaism to wheeler-dealers and the Israeli economy to Amir Peretz and the Histadrut, a right that does not give up on the struggle to remove the infiltrators and the rehabilitation of the neighborhoods," the party added.

"We are not sorry for a moment about the loyalty we have shown to the right-wing bloc over the past year. The move to the opposition is a continuation of this loyalty to the right-wing public that Netanyahu is not loyal to," Yamina claimed. "Yamina will be a fighting but responsible opposition that will support from the outside positive government decisions, such as applying sovereignty, provided it is brought without recognizing, explicitly or implicitly, the establishment of a Palestinian state."

"We urge Netanyahu to look after the needs of religious Zionism in the next government, in education, in settlement, in religious service appointments and more, as he promised many of its voters who voted for him," the party's statement concluded.

Likud stated in response: "If Yamina were given another ministry, would that make it right for them? It is the first government in the history of the country to apply sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, and it is unfortunate that Yamina will not be a part of it just because of internal struggles over the distribution of ministries."

"We hope they will come to their senses, show national responsibility and enter the government that will lead a historic move in the history of Zionism."