Liel Gideoni
Liel Gideoni Courtesy of the family

"This year we will not attend Liel's grave, but we will show our support to thousands of families in need"

Every year on Memorial day, Liel Gideoni's friends pay a tribute to his memory by his grave's side. This year due to the situation, it will not be possible. Therefore, his army mates have launched a project to provide food packages for families in need.

"Liel was a dedicated commander who took the best care of his soldiers. As his friends want to share his values with as many families in Israel as possible" Said Yonatan, Liel's unit mate. He added "Liel always used to say - Smile, because smiling is happiness and happiness is the strength continue further". I think that these days this sentence has even greater meaning.

Liel Gideoni fell in Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip on July 2014, together with his commander Benya Sarel and his good friend Hadar Goldin. Immediately right after his death, his friends established the organization called 'Chasdei Liel'. The purpose of the Organization is to provide food packages every week for families in need.

Currently, because of the present situation, his friends have decided to launch a special project in order to provide 5000 food packages that will be given out to families in need. This way his memory will be kept and remembered by the value of giving.