Inscription found in Heidelberg
Inscription found in HeidelbergAfD Watch Heidelberg

2 anti-Semitic inscriptions were revealed on Wednesday, less than a day after Holocaust Day and in Germany. The inscriptions were found in the city of Heidelberg, located in southwestern Germany near the border with France.

An inscription on one of the buildings in the city said that Angela Merkel was Jewish and swastikas were sprayed around, as was the spray "Asylum Seekers should be killed with Zyklon B Gas”.

On another building in the city of 160,000 bore the inscription “Jew, Zion, Death" was sprayed.

Yaacov Hagoel, Deputy Chairman of the World Zionist Organization said: “In the past year we have witnessed the rise of neo-Nazism in Germany in particular and in Europe in general "We are witness again, who knows how many times in the past year, to anti-Semitic writings that could lead to violence and murder of Jews around the world."

"We work around the world to eradicate this anti-Semitism, unfortunately there are governments that do not invest enough in the issue. Anti-Semitism must stop here and now. I urge the European countries' ambassadors to call on their governments to intervene in the matter and to make efforts so that such things as we see in Heidelberg will not be repeated."