BennettEhud Amiton/TPS

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is to meet with leaders of the Yamina party on Wednesday evening.

The meeting will be held at 7 pm at the Prime Minister's Office.

Netanyahu is expected to suggest senior Yamina officials join the unity government he established with Blue and White, while Yamina is expected to insist on receiving three ministerial positions throughout the term.

Earlier today, a Netanyahu associate told Channel 13 that "If Yamina doesn't accept our offer, we will try to break them up and bring them in in parts. First, Rafi Peretz and later Smotrich." Senior Yamina officials responded: "We are one faction. Netanyahu can't do to us what we did to Blue and White."

The Likud said: "The prime minister has pledged that he will continue to uphold the principles of the national camp and the integrity of the right-wing bloc within the unity government."