Unauthorized remote hacking
Unauthorized remote hackingiStock

A special virtual meeting with a Holocaust survivor in honor of Holocaust Memorial Day was hacked and disrupted with anti-Semitic rhetoric and images of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, Israeli Ambassador to Germany, Jeremy Issacharoff said Tuesday morning.

In a tweet Tuesday, Issacharoff said that an online meeting using the Zoom application which had been organized by the Israeli embassy mission in Berlin was hacked by anti-Israel activists who posted images of Adolf Hitler, while hurling anti-Semitic epithets.

The meeting, which had hosted Holocaust survivor Zvi Herschel, was reconvened afterwards without incident.

"During a Zoom meeting on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day by the Embassy of Israel in Berlin that hosted survivor Zvi Herschel, anti-Israel activists disrupted his talk posting pictures of Hitler and shouting anti-Semitic slogans. The event had to be suspended."

"After a short break the event was reconvened without the activists and conducted in an appropriate and respectful way. To dishonour the memory of the #Holocaust and the dignity of the survivor is beyond shame and disgrace and shows the blatant antisemitic nature of the activists."