Israel Police block street in Jerusalem
Israel Police block street in Jerusalem Israel Police

The Health Ministry is demanding that the government impose a strict lockdown on all Israeli citizens on the last day of Passover and also on the day following it (i.e. both Wednesday and Thursday), when the Mimouna festival is traditionally celebrated by many Sephardic Jews.

Channel 12 News reports that the government will vote on the imposition of regulations on Monday afternoon. The regulations are expected to be similar to those that were in force on the first night and part of the first day of Passover.

Health Ministry officials suspect that many Israelis will use the final day of Passover and Mimouna to celebrate with extended family, after being prohibited from doing so on seder night.

The imposition of a strict lockdown will enable police to prevent people from gathering in large numbers, which could lead to further spread of contagion. The Health Ministry is also examining ways in which to limit the opening of stores and sale of food products immediately after Passover, fearing that the usual rush to stock up on "hametz" (leavened) food items could lead to large crowds forming.

As of Monday morning, the number of Israelis confirmed to be carrying coronavirus stood at 11,235 people, of whom 181 are in serious condition and 133 are on ventilators. So far, 1,689 people are known to have made a full recovery. 110 people have passed away from coronavirus in Israel.