Meet Esther
Meet Esther צילום: Alei Siach

Meet Esther,

Esther was so excited to be home for the Pesach. She and the other girls in her Alei Siach apartment have been looking forward to it for months.

But this year, everything is different.

The Ministry of Health requirements have created a terrible situation for Esther.

If she leaves her Alei Siach apartment to celebrate Pesach with her family, she can’t go back to the apartment where she lives full time, enjoying deep friendships with her roommates, and receiving the therapeutic treatments she needs. She’s thriving at Alei Siach. Esther can’t lose that.

But how can she celebrate Pesach without her family? Esther is torn between two impossible scenarios.

What choice would you make?

She’s confused, scared, worried. She definitely doesn’t want to get sick, and she understands that each time she leaves the apartment, she’s putting her health at risk.

Esther’s made a decision. She’ll stay at Alei Siach, the home where she’s grown so much, the place that’s helping her reach her full potential, the place where she’s put down deep roots.

But the choice not to spend the holiday with her family is painful. This year there's no Chol Hamoed trips, no Kotel and no family. She's missing the Pesach that she's been dreaming about all year.

Help us give Esther and the rest of our Alei Siach residents have the Pesach that they deserve.

We want to make sure that they have the most amazing and fun time possible under these challenging circumstances.

Give People With Special Needs The Pesach They Deserve

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