Herzog delivering matzahs to new immigrants in Israel
Herzog delivering matzahs to new immigrants in Israel The Jewish Agency for Israel

As Jewish communities around the world prepare to hold the Passover seder in quarantine, The Jewish Agency for Israel conducted a special mission to fly matzahs and kosher wine from Israel to hundreds of thousands of Jewish families in dozens of countries around the world.

The mission was made possible by the generosity of the Werdiger family of Melbourne, Australia who helped fund this project through Keren Hayesod, and in partnership with Chabad, who assisted in the logistics of this complex operation.

Jews all over the world will be celebrating Passover in quarantine, without the traditional large gatherings of family and friends for the seder night. A special Jewish Agency mission distributed 300,000 matzahs and 90,000 bottles of wine from Israel to Jewish communities in countries, including: Japan, China, Germany, Cambodia, India, Vietnam, Russia, Australia and countries in Central and South America.

Once the planes carrying the wine and matzahs arrived at their destinations, delivery to individual homes was coordinated by The Jewish Agency, together with the assistance of local Chabad House representatives.

In Ethiopia, instead of the usual large communal seder organized annually by The Jewish Agency, this year the seder will be conducted in individual homes of community members waiting in Addis Ababa and Gondar until they are able to make aliyah (immigrate to Israel). The Jewish Agency shipped 16,000 matzahs to Ethiopia and is assisting the community to prepare wine from raisins that will be distributed to the families.

On Tuesday, Jewish Agency Chairman Yitzhak Herzog delivered matzahs to young new immigrants who will be observing their first Passover in Israel, stating: “This Passover, the Jewish heart beats as one – from Russia to the United States, Australia to the United Kingdom, South America to South Africa, from India to Morocco. We are united this holiday, more than ever. As Chairman of The Jewish Agency, the organization that spreads its canopy all over the Jewish world, I wish all of Am Israel a Passover of unity, joy and good health!”