Sara Netanyahu
Sara Netanyahu Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Sara Netanyahu contacted Prime Minister's Office (PMO) Director General Ronen Peretz regarding an initiative to connect youth movements with weaker at-risk populations, in order to help them lessen the isolation.

As part of the initiative, Sara Netanyahu suggested that youth movement members hold daily conversations with weaker populations in order to inquire how they are doing and help lessen their isolation, subject to Ministry of Health directives.

PMO Director General Peretz found that the youth movements are willing to assist support efforts for these populations, subject to Ministry of Health directives. He contacted Federation of Local Authorities (FLA) Chairman Haim Bibas in order to move forward on the initiative throughout the country and noted that if it arises that there is a need for medicines, food or any other essential need, the information will be passed on to the relevant authorities.

Thanking Bibas for responding to her suggestion, she said: "We are all fighting the coronavirus together and at this time we cannot forget the weaker populations that need help more than anything."

"I am certain that the young people's warm virtual embrace will greatly contribute to lessening the harsh sense of loneliness. Thanks to everyone who is contributing at this time to mutual guarantee and assistance."