Moshe Lion
Moshe Lion Eliran Aharon

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion has said that he opposes closing off haredi neighborhoods, despite the spread of coronavirus.

"In the haredi community, there are families with many children, some of whom live in cramped quarters, which makes it difficult for them to quarantine those who are ill," he explained.

Beginning on Sunday morning, he said, there will be a new headquarters in the Jerusalem municipality, which will work to move some of the haredim who are ill with coronavirus to the Olive Tree (Etz Hazayit) hotel, and some of those in the eastern areas to the Seven Arches (Sheva Hakshatot) hotel. The headquarters will be staffed by representatives of the Home Front Command, Israel Police, Magen David Adom, health funds, and relevant community centers.

"Jerusalem's Mayor, Moshe Lion, is in close contact with all the government offices on this issue, and he opposes all incitement against one sector or another," a statement from the municipality said.

"The Mayor calls on the entire public to strictly keep the Health Ministry guidelines. These are guidelines which save lives."